“A story in motion” is the tagline that accompanies the brand of the Meloni company. It's our identity summed up in a phrase. Story, meaning years and years of experience. Motion, meaning going forward, looking at the future.

It was 1952 when this story began. In the metalworking industry. At first as a workshop specialized in repairing farming machines and industrial vehicles, then as a company that designed and manufactured material-handling equipments (conveyor belts, overhead cranes, jib cranes). The story of a company is made by everyday working, with care, accuracy, even labor.

Then, professional acknowledgments arrived, saying that Meloni is a reliable company, that they do good things, that you can rest assured: the result will be the one lain down in the project.

Since 2004 the brand meloni® has been owned by Meloni Tecno-Handling s.r.l. (private limited company) that has considerably widened its client portfolio and shifted the bulk of its production towards automatically controlled equipments intended for international markets.

THE 1950 S

THE 1960 S

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